How to call pass plays football

Each number, from 0-9, represents a wide receiver route. Your primary goal is to put the running back at the point of attack just as the hole is opening, using the right combination of timing and blocking.

You want to use this route against tight coverage, and with only your fastest receivers. If the defense reacts to the fullback, the QB will pull the ball back and run for the outside, with the tailback staying at least three yards deep and outside of him at all times. A cool route often used for running backs, the receiver heads out of the backfield to the sideline, then breaks up the field with nothing but green and glory in front of him.

how to call pass plays football

The QB will make the read based on this defender, either keeping it and turning upfield or pitching it out and behind to the TB. Simply run about 15 yards straight, and then cut inwards towards the goal post. No matter what kind of offensive scheme you implement or which football plays you choose to run — remember to start with a small number of plays, and use your practice time to get a lot of repetitions.

how to call pass plays football

To perform it, have your receiver take 3 hard steps downfield before planting with their outside foot and quickly cutting to the center of the field. Everyone on offense, anyway. There are two kinds of option, the double, and the triple. That little area on either side of the line of scrimmage?

Developing Your Passing Game

The tried and true way to organize your passing plays and communicate them to your team is through the use of a passing tree — a basic numbering system used to define passing routes for receivers. Skip to content. The goal of this tutorial is to help you understand the basic concepts behind offensive football plays and learn how to communicate those concepts to your players and fellow coaches.

The ultimate sandlot play, anyone who has ever played football on a field or on the street in front of their house has tried to score a touchdown this way. Try to match your running play calls to counteract the way a defense is attacking the ball.

10 Football Passing Routes Explained

Run straight down the field, as fast as you can, as deep as you can. If you have a QB with a strong, accurate, arm, and a few reliable receivers, the passing game will be an essential part of your playbook.

how to call pass plays football

It's like walking in a hurry down the street, stopping abruptly, and turning around when you think you see a wadded-up dollar bill on the sidewalk. The difference between a trap and a counter, is that in a trap you will see a guard on the back side of the play pull and lead block for the ball carrier. Never ask your quarterback to throw pass routes they are unable to execute. Pick a handful of pass route combinations, keep it simple, and focus on proper execution.

how to call pass plays football