How long do quaker parakeets live

The commonest form of health problem with these parrots is plucking out feathers, or feather destructive behaviors. Quaker Parakeet care.

how long do quaker parakeets live

Quaker Parrot Images. Swallow-tailed Kite. Choosing a Birdcage: In the Beginning Quaker parrots are quirky little birds with their own unique style. Between December and February, the coldest months, these creatures exclusively feed on bird seed at backyard feeders.

Quaker Parrots: Great Pet Birds

Along with saying a potpourri of phrases, some quakers entertain their owners by seemingly speaking in context. Quaker Parrot Nests Quaker parrots are unusual in that they come equipped with attitude, determination, intelligence and a desire to make and keep a home, said Ellen Krueger, a member of the Quaker Parakeet Society since 1999 and owner of quaker parrot Fonzie since 1996.

Quaker parrots didn't get their name because they belong to a group that shares religious ideals, or from eating oatmeal. Physical Description The Quaker parrot is a small member of the parrot family, growing to about a foot in length, the size of an average cockatiel, but heavier.

Quaker Parrot (Monk Parakeet)

They can live up to 20 years in captivity if well cared for. If the bird's stool becomes runny, it could be due to receiving too much liquid from the fresh fruits and vegetables. There are color mutations, and where they occur, the price of the bird is considerably higher. Not only that, but the nests are unique in that they are more like suites than nests.

These birds weigh around 90-150 gm 3 — 4. They can become very loud and persistent when they're ignored.

how long do quaker parakeets live

The flight feather tips are bright blue. In the warm summer months, the quakers feed upon berries, fruits, plant buds and weeds, while searching for food in groups of 2-55 birds.

how long do quaker parakeets live

Fatty liver disease is also a common problem to these birds. Quaker Parrot Nest Box.