Ffxiii how to beat midlight reaper

Once it lets up on its Crystal Rain move switch back over to the Relentless Assault Paradigm and switch between the two Paradigms as needed until it dies. The Gapra Whitewood Boss: Aster Protoflorian This is a fairly easy battle still quite a bit time consuming if you have your crystal grid maxed out up until this point in the game.

Where is Vanille's Eidollon?? Have Snow change over to Sentinel and simply use the Auto Guard command, try and time it up so he is guarding as Shiva attacks him to build up the bar above Shivas head and don't worry about healing since Nix will toss you Cures from time to time.

ffxiii how to beat midlight reaper

Midlight Reaper. Then repeat the same tactics on Enki once Enlil is defeated.

Midlight Reaper

More topics from this board... That method is a lot faster than sitting around waiting in an area for the mobs to hit the mark on their respawn timer and is especially useful if anyone feels like their characters are falling behind on their crystal grids. Then use two and three to boost the chain gauge. Chapter 6: When the chapter begins, navigate past the large station entrance to the eastern side.

ffxiii how to beat midlight reaper

Once you arrive at the Corral, work your way north down the hall to trigger a nice little mini-game. Manasvin Warmech Start off by setting your default Paradigm to Diversity Lightning as Commadno, Snow as Ravager, Vanille as Medic this will allow you to be able to keep a solid offense while still having a medic watching your back keeping your health high.

Final Fantasy XIII - Boss FAQ

The boss likes to inflict Poison , which can be healed with an Antidote or Vanille casting Esuna. Forgot your username or password? Was this guide helpful? Kalvinka Srikers Begin this fight using the Bully Paradigm to debuff the boss, after all the debuffs have landed change over to Diversity to heal any injuries to your party during the debuffing process be sure to keep your health high since its special move can do a number on your parties HP , once you are done healing change over to Relentless Assasult and let loose on the boss and stagger him ASAP and it should fall in no time.

Make sure Sazh knows Haste.

ffxiii how to beat midlight reaper

Save your game and then leave the area to trigger the next section. Note Susceptible to Imperil.

ffxiii how to beat midlight reaper

Defeat Brynhilder to acquire a new ATB gauge and gain Brynhilder as an eidolon and to complete the chapter. Bryhilder is susceptible to chain damage, so get in as many combos on him as you can.

Guarda Interceptor Start the battle off using Libra and just eat up his health using the Relentless Assault Paradigm until a cutscene kicks in.

ffxiii how to beat midlight reaper

If he doesn't, go grind CP until he does, it's very useful and no one else is going to learn it for a long time. This was the method i used to beat it in one stagger and in a time of 1. Cast Libra to find Enlil's weakness do the same to Enki once Enlil is defeated. Part 2 In this fight its just Hope, simply use Libra and let him die until Lightning and Fang join the fight.